Direct To Garment or DTG printing is a process of printing graphics onto textiles and garments. It uses modified inkjet technology to print whatever graphic you want onto the shirt. Think of it like a giant inkjet printer.

DTG printing is a fairly new method that allows for a lot of variation compared to screen printing. DTG printers can print over 16 million colors directly to your shirt. The ink is safe and dries quickly; it soaks into your garment and becomes part of the shirt. That means there’s no chance for the graphic to crack, peel, or wash away over time.


  • Extensive Color Options
  • Maximum Detail in the Design
  • Cost Effective for Small Orders
  • Easily Customized Design


  • Not Cost Effective for Large Orders
  • No Volume Discounts
  • Limited Design Placement
  • Difficult Printing on Garments other than Cotton

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